Californication letter.

Dear X,

This country is so goddamn hot.

Hank Moody is the whipped cream you know you shouldn’t be adding to that calorie laden mocha frappucino (who am I kidding, I never drink Starbucks coffee). He’s the last twenty five gummy bears you shouldn’t have popped into your mouth after the munchies hit. Hank Moody is a rockstar.

Here’s to rockstar living.



Let’s call him Cat Stevens letter.

Dear X,

I’m rather content with being a house hermit.

I’m waiting till Monday…

In other news on the work front it’s getting rather exciting. A few ideas in the pipeline, in talks with some gallery, ad agency, etc. This could really be taking off people!



To you who knows who you are:
Since you have deleted me from your life, I shall delete you from mine.

The lookback letter.

Merry F****** Xmas.
Dear X,

2009 was quite an amazing year. Some queer and frustrating moments, but everything worked out in the end.
I’ve never been better ūüôā

Why FML when you can LML?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


The deal letter.

Dear X,

So the universe and I made a deal over dinner.

I watched as his cigarette burned a hole in the paper tablecloth.

“You know, smoking’s bad for you.”

He took another drag, smoke seeping as his words came out.

“You just worry about what you have to do, and I’ll worry about myself.”

Hm, okay.


Protected: Just a thought letter.

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Granola is taking over my life letter.

Dear X,

I’ve been having crazy vivid dreams every time I close my eyes. They take me down a dark windy road, and whenever I look back a dusty haze descends upon the path, and I have no idea where we are headed, or where we have come from.

Those who lead me have no faces, no names, yet in my heart I feel like I’ve always known who they are. But I don’t know if they mean me well, or are sending me to places to fend for myself.

Just last night I dreamt of a possessed raccoon- he greeted my being at a huge oak tree, a gun in his hand. Softly he beat the gun against his roughened palm, bushy tail a-swishing and grin sly. My heart quickened and face flushed, for I felt he could see through my soul at that very point. He smacked his lips and said, “Follow me.”

When I hurried to follow his turned back, I tripped on a root and crashed into him. As my fingers fell through his coat, he dissipated into a cloud of dust, shimmering as it whisked into the air and beyond.

It was then I awoke.


Aqueous humour and vitreous humour letter.

Dear X,

I’m heading up to KL tomorrow to hang out with some awesomely awesome people, and when I get back, I shall have my new passport and the paper crunching will begin. JOY!

L’Op√©ra de¬†Paris Garnier, where Val and I explored.

The qt pie Tim and I stole glances at during dinner at Le Comptoir.

Mass of heads down the escalator of the tube.

Nostalgic memories at the carousel beneath the Eiffel Tower. Used to ride it everytime.

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? They’re kickass! Diplodocus bones at the National History Museum.

A rainbow of cupcakes at the Stables Market in Camden. Taste was… alright.

Beautiful stained glass at the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris.

Identically dressed little girls feeding a squirrel at Hyde Park. Plain adorable!

Sunset at Hyde Park, once again.

Some candy at a store in Covent Garden. Yummmmm.

If candy isn’t your thing, how about some macaroons or cake?

Evening traffic the day I missed my tour bus and Dren and Alex decided they would bring me on our own little personalized tour of London town. Was waaayyy better than a tour bus would ever have been!

A glimpse of what I would call Heaven along the Seine.

Not bad eh? I lied, I had a bit left in the trove of pictures to share, I hope you’re not already bored of these… Well, I’ll definitely have more to share soon!

Onto Bleach No. 360!


PS:,I just want to rant about how applying for Visas and registering for school is making me weep sad, sad tears. Basically I just wasted my time at the doctor’s today when I could have gotten a blood test to see if I’m immune to MMR instead of taking a random MMR jab that I’ll need to follow up with in 30 days time JUST BECAUSE I can’t find my goddamn health booklet from school because of the move.